On part-time existence

So, I suppose that’s enough suspense now. (I didn’t do it on purpose though, I had lurgy yesterday and wasn’t up to writing.)

I am the proud owner of an emergency passport! Whoo!!

I can officially go on holiday, and start work, and do all manner of existential things 🙂

Going to the embassy was quite exciting. I got off the train, figured out where I was, and where I wanted to be, set off, and walked straight past the entrance. To be fair, it doesn’t look like anyone’s allowed through it. The huge metal gates are guarded and 5 or 6 police officers patroll each end of the street.

I walked back the way I’d come and asked one of the gate-guards how I was supposed to get in. After telling him who I am, showing him my learner’s licence and the email confirmation of the meeting, he phoned someone in the building to come and escort me inside. I had to empty my pockets, put my rucksack and jacket in a box and walk through one of those airport scanners. Luckily I didn’t set the alarms off* 😉

He walked me back through the scanner, and into another building. I was a bit early, but there wasn’t much going on so I could go up to the desk immediately.

Getting the passport was the easiest part of the process. You give them a stack of paperwork and 121€ and 75 minutes later you can take your passport home. Very exciting. Especially when you forget to take something to read with you.

* almost EVERY TIME I FLY….

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  1. I’m doing a little happy dance for you! Vacation AND a new job…woot woot! And you can do it legally, even better. 😀

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