On potential existence

I am on my way to the embassy.

My boyfriend booked – and his mum paid for – a weeks holiday in Lanzarote. It’s something like an Easter present, and something like a ‘You-must-have-a-break-before-you-have-a-breakdown’ mission. Having spent the last year in an unending battle with exams, quitting work, moving house, renovating, decorating, unpacking and furniture building, I think we deserve it.

We’re flying out on Saturday.

At least, we might be.

Flying involves passports, and I still don’t have one. I don’t have a job yet either, but that’s not really essential to flying, especially if someone else is paying.

I phoned the embassy as part of the research for my existence, and they told me they could issue me with a temporary passport, for a fee of 121€.

The holiday was a very good deal, so we decided to split the cost between us.
I made an appointment, and am on the way there now.

There’s a long list of things to bring to the appointment, and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten one.

I really hope they don’t mind….

According to the embassy it isn’t an identity document. However. My future employers said I can use the temporary passport to sign the paperwork, and bring the real one when it arrives.

Wish me luck!

On not existing part 3

I phoned the passport office in the UK and they apparently don’t have the facilities to write an email to say that they’ve got my passport and are working on the new one. They are also unable to tell me how long it will take, the new system’s having a paddy so the 4 weeks on the website is more like 8 weeks in real life. And counting.

Obviously they aren’t allowed to go through the process in the wrong order. Speeding mine up is unthinkable.

The third person didn’t have any more/better ideas than the other two about how to work the system and get me employed before my passport gets here, so it looks like I’m unemployed* until about July…

But hey, who wants to work through the summer anyway??!

* that’s not strictly true. I still have my other part time placement. 🙂

On not existing part 2

I’m waiting to talk to the 3rd person about not existing.

He’s in a meeting.


I am not really any further than I was before. This is more of a field trip than an investigation.

However, I do know that people are more officious the further down the food chain they are.