On getting revenge without actually doing anything.

My DB told me I’m too fat the other day. I’m not sure what I’m too fat for, exactly, but it sucked. I am losing weight, slowly, and am at least 3kg down on May, which I have to admit is a long time ago. But at least there’s not much risk of the dreaded yo yo effect! Anyway, I don’t believe in being mean to people just because they were mean first, so I didn’t say much.

He went to the doctor’s today and was weighed and measured.

He is shorter than me which obviously isn’t news.

What IS news, is the fact that he weighs more than I do. BMI places me at the upper end of normal, and him at the lower end of overweight….



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  1. oh, revenge is sweet, sweet, sweet, and you didn’t have to do anything at all. (OK, maybe all that tasteless fat you have been injecting into his food might have had something to do with it, right?) 🙂

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