On bright lights and hospital beds – part 2

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes – please keep them up 🙂 Here are the most important updates: – My eye is responding well to all the eye drops (4 different sorts last count) – I am going to be released in the morning, assuming the head doctor says things are ok. […]

On finally phoning

Why is it so hard to phone people? Yesterday I phoned someone I’d been meaning to phone for more than a week. I got the number from a friend, and left it sitting in a message, instead of pasting it in to the phone part of my phone, the part which I probably use least, […]

On surviving organisational failure

This is one of those posts that started life as an email in my rough draft folder and has been added to at irregular intervals since then. I’m going to tart it up a bit and post it so that it gets to see some of the world. The rough draft folder is a bit […]

On Eliminating [almost] Everything

Allergies watch out! Prepare for elimination! I am declaring war on my allergies. The problem is, I don’t even know what I’m allergic to any more. It used to be easy. I used to have hayfever and my throat swelled up when I ate cucumber or melon. Admittedly that’s a bit annoying when you live […]

On hoping for the best

I hope the paramedics got there in time. He was crouching on the ground holding his hands over his heart and his eyes were wet with tears. I was on the way to the platform, on the way to work. I pointed him towards the doctor’s door (10m further) and then remembered she doesn’t get […]

On sleep and buttermilk

I went back to the doctor (a week after being prescribed iron tablets) because I had no energy – less than before – severe constipation and was falling asleep at work. A quick urine test later and I was written off work for a week, prescribed antibiotics and told to see a kidney specialist for […]

On being stood up by a doctor

(or on doctors and DBs – part 1) No. Chew chew chew.  You chew definitely don’t chew chew have an appointment. Chew chew chew chew chew. We stared at the chewing-gum-man in disbelief. Turning slightly, we looked at each other, looked back at the man and shrugged before making our way to the car and […]