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  1. Yes it’s very fine and sometimes hard to see! But all we humans sometimes tread heavily on it and just have to hope those who might feel part of our imprint love us enough to feel that we didn’t intend to do that.
    “Sorry” and “I forgive” are important words that can help us reconstruct the line and perhaps see it better next time a situation arises.
    Good luck with your own personal “fine line”.

    PS. I have had “foot in mouth” problems many times because I often speak too quickly without due consideration of the outcome so I know how easy these things happen.

  2. That’s very true, though easier said than done! More often than not we don’t realize we’ve crossed the line till we’re standing their with hurt feelings wondering how it got this far..

      1. I wish I had some that didn’t sound so cliche. I’m winging it just like you:)

        Self-awareness and giving yourself a moment before a response can be helpful. Though life happens so fast. Sometimes you’re either gonna have a knee-jerk reaction or no reaction at all.

  3. Take a deep breath (or two) before you say that perfectly bitchy thing you need to say… Sometimes just those few seconds are enough for you to decide whether you really NEED to say it, or just WANT to.

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