On shopping – or not

(Pretend this was posted at 22:45 on November 7th – I started writing in bed but fell asleep before I could press ‘post’. As it’s the middle of the night, and not morning yet, I’m going to count it as not missing a day (;)).


Me: “So, what are we looking for, again?”
DB: ” croquettes, icing sugar and maybe some [insert name of foul herbal schnapps here], and can we be really quick, because we have to pick up the camera when we’re done and I need the loo?”
Me: “yup, no problem”.

We locked the car and headed into the supermarket.


Ten minutes later, as I handed over my card at the checkout, we realised we had 25€ of stuff, (including, but not limited to, two muffin tins, some freezer boxes and two Weihnachtssterne*), but none of the three things we’d gone in for.


0 of 3. (or supermarket 3; Jesska and DB 0)

We’d listed the things we wanted to buy between parking the car and walking through the door to the supermarket, so it’s not like we really had time to forget….

Granted, they no longer stock croquettes, and the schnapps wasn’t yet in stock (apparently Monday).

But still.

We need to work on our iron willpower 😉

Grade: “Could do better”


In my defence, the plants were right in front of the sugar, reduced to 80 cts, and DB was already lined up at the checkout….


On the way home from getting the camera, DB suggested we go back to the shop and get the other Weihnachtssterne too – reduction on a Saturday evening generally means they throw out what doesn’t get sold.

I wouldn’t have suggested it myself, but if he was offering, I wasn’t going to say no!

So I wizzed round and picked up the remaining 3 – and the forgotten icing sugar! 🙂

(And poor DB had to drive home cross legged 😉 )

* (=plants with red leaves that look like flowers)

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