On not being rockstar material

Argh. Written but somehow not sent last night…


It’s Sunday.

I have been ‘on the road’ since Thursday. That’s 4 days.

4 days isn’t exactly a long time.

Not really, in the big scheme of things.


Thursday certainly seems like a long time ago.

I am knackered.

I even fell asleep on the sofa at last night’s birthday party*.

It’s really really good to see all the people I rarely see otherwise, but I’m not capable of keeping this pace up for long.

I have a 7 hour train journey home tomorrow, and a colleague’s birthday party and a day trip to a specialist on Tuesday. After that, life’s back to normal** and I can [hopefully] get enough sleep again.

There is NO WAY I could go on a 6 month tour – somewhere new every day and a concert or two every night would probably kill me….


* and apparently while pressing ‘publish’……

** commuting and working and gardening and looking after the house – which used to feel crazily busy, but will seem relaxing compared to the last few days πŸ˜‰

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  1. My goodness! World wind tour is what this sounds to have been. I’m glad you have had the chance to reconnect with loved ones. Refresh the fond memories with new ones πŸ˜€ Safe travels to you as you make your way back home and to an ordered life πŸ˜€

    1. I think I’d miss too much if I had a year-long nap, but I could do with a week or two! (Except that I have a million things to do in the next few weeks, so the chance of it happening are remote πŸ™ ….. E has a postcard telling her to take a 15 minute break. It goes on to say “if you can’t find 15 minutes, take an hour” :S)

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