On Birthdays and Blorthdays


Go and visit Claudette.
She’s one of my bestest blog-friends, and it’s her birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAUDETTE! :)).

Also, my blog is 3 years old.

And it was my birthday on Friday.


Everything points to having a Blorthday Party.

I’m not really sure how Blorthday Parties work, so you’ll have to help me out. All ideas welcome (although I reserve the right to declare them ridiculous as I see fit…).

As a start, I suggest you post me a blog url you think I might like, before heading off to see Claudette.


If it’s YOUR birthday too, tell us so. It won’t necessarily make anything happen, but at least we’ll know 😉

0 thoughts on “On Birthdays and Blorthdays

  1. Aw, that is so lovely. And how did I miss it was your Birthday on Friday. Many happy, happy returns, I hope it brings you joy.

    I would have posted a picture of my birthday cake that my Mum made for me, but alas, my D2 ate it (I had a piece too).

    I think the idea of a Blogorthday URL present is a great idea, Here is one of my favourite photo blogs for visual goodies Karen at days and months – http://daysandmonths.com/

    Happy birthday and happy blogorthday to you Jesska.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I did (although it was a bit of a waste of a Friday birthday, what I did could have been done just as well on a Tuesday…
      I hope you enjoyed yours too?

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