On bright lights (and hospital beds)

Sometimes, I think I should just stop making plans.

I mean, I know they never work out the way I intended them to, so I could save myself the bother of making them in the first place.

Also, maybe God would stop laughing at them/me.


This year, the company I work for closes between Christmas and New Year. This means I have ‘ZwangsUrlaub’ or compulsory holiday.

I was planning to relax until Sunday, doing jigsaws and folding stars and making Gingerbread houses (which I still have to post, sorry) and other Christmas Things, and then spend the compulsory week off work (Mo-Fr) tidying up my corner, finding the bottom of the washing box, hopefully finally getting some paintings finished, maybe even getting some pictures on the wall, before flying away with DB on Saturday for 2 weeks of sunshine and more relaxing (dear theoretical burglars, please note – we have housesitters with a dog).

We were also going to visit a couple of DB’s friends and celebrate the new year with fireworks and copious amounts of food (me) and alcohol (DB).

What I wasn’t planning on doing, was spending time in hospital. Not as a visitor, not as an outpatient and most certainly not as an inpatient.


Turns out I have Keratitis and have the dubious privilege of at least one, probably two, possibly more, overnight stay(s) in hospital where the night-nurse has the dubious pleasure of waking me up every couple of hours to drop eye-drops into my sleep-deprived eyes.


This is my bed:

Hospital bed with fairy lights
“I want to see the [fairy] lights tonight” – adapted from Richard Thompson’s ‘Bright lights’ lyrics
Apparently I’m the first patient to bring fairy lights with them.

However, it appears to be a Good Thing because it means I can leave them on and the nurse doesn’t have to turn the main lights on and wake everyone up.


According to the doctor I saw after 4 and a half hours in the waiting room, and who shined multiple very shiny lights in my eyes, it (Keratitis) can be a dangerous thing to have.

Mine doesn’t seem too bad, but I could use any spare prayers you have…

(Eyesight is crazily important, and I’m going to do all they say I need to do to get better, but they’re contemplating cancelling my holiday – to ensure that I can be monitored – and that would suck big time. DB needs a break, and we chose not to book cancellation-insurance, so the money would be gone too…)


Thank you 🙂


P.S. I’ll write some of the background story tomorrow..

0 thoughts on “On bright lights (and hospital beds)

  1. Yikes! I’m so sorry to hear about this! Sending massively good vibes and high hopes that the hospital kicks you to the curb so that you can escape to paradise (or at least your regularly scheduled vacation).

  2. Oooooo, honey! That totally sucks! Healing thoughts going out into the Universe for your eyes (and sanity). May you be better soon, and able to do at least a little vacationing!! <3

    1. Yes, thank you 🙂 I’m still not back at work, but I’m definitely on the mend. I’ll hopefully get round to writing a catch-up post soon 🙂

      Welcome to my world; this was your first comment here so I’m going to assume that you haven’t been here long…

      (A very unrelated story: when I was very small (2ish?), my mother had a friend who I named Custardhilary because she made me custard when we visited. I know people aren’t supposed to make fun of names, and I’m not trying to, but reading your name in the tiny ‘notices’ part of my phone screen reminded me of her, and made me wonder what she’s doing these days. Thank you for that, even if it wasn’t intentional!)

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