On death by chocolate


This doesn’t look like much, until you realise that the plate is about 40 cm long……

Three layers of thick chocolate cream, and a cheesecake-style base. Plus chocolate ice cream and a strawberry. And the most strawberryesque sauce ever.

I have never been so full!

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    1. Hallo Watermark*, I think this was your first comment here, am I right? Welcome to my world! 🙂
      It was amazing to look at 🙂 It tasted pretty good too, but it seems you CAN have too much of a good thing after all! 😉

      *Enya fan?

  1. Chocolate and rainbows! What more can you ask for on a holiday? And that “flat” rainbow was probably flat because it had a heavy bucket of gold at each end weighing it down!

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