On holes

There’s a hole in my Alfa, dear Liza, a hole. Two holes if you want to be more accurate. A black one if you want to be facetious. *** There’s a hole in my bathroom, dear Liza, a hole. There is now anyway. Luckily. Until this evening it was so blocked up that there wasn’t […]


On the magic of new books

Nothing like a brand new book or two to cheer one up, even if they are ‘only’ school books. This pile of brand new school books arrived today. I received them in exchange for a small fortune..  They contain – I hope – the knowledge I need to pass the next lot of exams AND […]

On the eve of a new year

Hello people 🙂 I hope all your Christmases were fantastic, and wish you a brilliant last night of 2016, whatever you choose to do with it. I’ve just got back to Berlin and am already at the second ‘party’ of the evening so I’m going to put my phone away and be marginally sociable… I’ll […]

On catfish and other sites

DB says we can’t have a cat. He didn’t say anything about catfish. I now have 18 – and counting 🙂 *** On the grounds that I am liable to become boring for most readers who don’t like fish, I’m going to put future posts about fish onto their own site. Here are some pictures […]


On death by chocolate

This doesn’t look like much, until you realise that the plate is about 40 cm long…… Three layers of thick chocolate cream, and a cheesecake-style base. Plus chocolate ice cream and a strawberry. And the most strawberryesque sauce ever. I have never been so full!