Quote – busy but barren – Sokrates

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life”.

– Socrates*

I have been, and indeed still am, stupidly  busy for a month or so  – as witnessed by the emergence of a barren wasteland on this blog.

“This too shall pass”*

I will hopefully be back to writing semi-regularly in a year or so (maybe earlier if I ever get my act together and actually finish writing this essay ;)).

* both quotes found here – thank you 🙂

0 thoughts on “Quote – busy but barren – Sokrates

    1. I have two problems with your otherwise genius suggestion:
      a) I can’t cope with regular, I don’t think I’m wired up properly for routines… and
      b) I have almost* no time for ‘other activities’ including sleeping and showering and housework. It’s self-inflicted obviously, but hopefully short term 🙂

      Besides, I need to save my ‘material’ for when I have time to write it out properly 🙂

      P.S. Your dahlia (?) is a stunner 🙂
      P.P.S would you want to read them if I wrote them?

      *luckily only ‘almost’ 😉

      1. Yes, dahlia, took it myself so thanks. I know what you mean about regular, I have the same problem. I always like reading people thinking aloud, so yes to PPS. I’m about to post a stream od consciousness thing, as it happens …

          1. 500 yards?!! Just dahlias? Wow! 🙂 that’s some park! 🙂 Did you take any pictures of the whole bed?
            I have 6m (so 7 1/2 yds) of my own, they share with lilies (incl. the pink one on my profile) and a couple of others though.

    1. *hugs* I don’t think I’d survive an actual year away from WordPress (does that make me an addict?)…
      I (kinda, sorta, maybe) finished my baby-essay last night and sent it to the lecturer. Then I remembered that I need page numbers and am wondering how to sneak them in so that he doesn’t notice (not possible – he notices EVERYthing). *breathes* I have the presentation this evening and hopefully a couple of nights where I can sleep properly (not-sleeping was due to lack of time (or bad-planning on my part), not lack of wanting), then I will more hopefully start feeling human again and able to write coherent sentences! 🙂 The next hurdle is/are the pre-Christmas exams. I should already be revising for them, because we are constantly bombarded with new things to know, but I’ve been so swamped with the baby-essay that I’ve been not-thinking about anything else much.. at some point there’s going to be a big-essay, which I think will be easier (you may have noticed my inability to get to the point 😉 Introduce a page limit and I am a wreck!), but also incredibly time-eating. *breathes* So yes. I will be around, but inconsistently….

      Hope you can feel the appreciation despite my sleep-deprived rambling.. I would miss you too if you disappeared.. (*sprinkles glitter*)

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