On not getting a dog – part 3

​A few days later we were back, well before closing time. We were welcomed into the rehab centre and P was brought in to see us.

DB took a couple of pictures, but nothing spectacular – P isn’t the most camera friendly dog (and DB was too busy filling in the forms necessary to be allowed to take her for walks to wait for opportune photo moments ;))

The blurry pictures were enough to convince DB’s dad that he had to see her for himself. Also, it seems not all dogs are willing to live with each other and it’s Very Important to test the water and let them get to know each other beforehand.

DB’s mother was still not convinced, but by then she’d already admitted that P was a cute dog, so she didn’t object too much. (Not that I spoke to her – that’s second hand information…).

Several weeks and phonecalls to the home later, a date was organised for the following weekend. All of us, plus C (DB’s dad’s dog) were going to the home to take P for a walk.

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