On talking, or not

How come sometimes it’s so easy to talk through the night, and sometimes so hard to find any words at all?

8 thoughts on “On talking, or not

  1. Hi Jesska, I agree, sometimes the subject is the problem. Hope all is well for you, you have been quiet lately.

    I like your changed Blog name, and the tagline, and the header. Nice new fresh look.

    1. The subject, and sometimes the person ;), or their mood, or my own….

      Has it changed again? I don’t remember doing anything with it since January. .. I’ll have to go and look

        1. I do too 🙂 I only ever look at the websites for people who purposefully don’t let you read the whole post in the reader, and they annoy me, x

  2. We’re all complex, so maybe its just the mood we’re in at the time, and if two-or more- of us click at the same time about the same thing, whether with different or similar views, it usually generates the talk.
    Sometimes though “Silence is golden”

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