On green cards, chocolate and a small flashing light

That very short list just about covers the things I’m living for at the moment.

The stacks of carefully written green and blue cards prove I’m revising, the chocolate provides motivation to carry on writing, and the small flashing light makes me smile as it blinks to tell me someone’s written to me.

4 thoughts on “On green cards, chocolate and a small flashing light

  1. Uh,Oh , just look at that stack for revising! No wonder you need some chocolate encouragement Jesska! I hope it all gets done as you want it to and in the time frame you have set for that.
    I have had a day delivering Meals on Wheels, doing grocery shopping and making two different pots of soup.
    Is Spring jumping up over there?
    Autumn is shaking hands with Winter on some days here, but otherwise we are enjoying a mild season with beautiful colours in the foliage, though I did notice that some trees had begun to undress today.

    1. I need incredible amounts of chocolate encouragement! I’ve bought sugary cereal too, in the hope that pieces of cereal might lead to less new clothes than pieces of chocolate might 😉

      Right now, revision is a problem, but I’m going home (to England) tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be able to concentrate better there. That would be great :).

      Your day sounds full, but also fulfilling. What kinds of soup?

      Spring has sprung here – maybe I’ll get some pictures up later.. I love autumn, as long as it’s crunchy rather than soggy..

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