On making a mess in the dark

I started planting my balcony boxes almost a month ago. Various things kept getting in the way, and I kept wishing I could get out and finish them.

Today, I left work earlier than usual and decided to ignore most of the things I should have been doing, and instead spent the evening playing in the dirt.

Since someone messed with the clocks, it’s dark by 5, but luckily I have a light on my balcony.

I ran out of compost, almost exactly at the same time as I ran out of boxes (if you don’t count the 3 waiting to be started).

I also ran out of warmth quite a long time before that, so I was glad of the excuse to go in for a hot shower! Autumn is cold and damp πŸ™

Tomorrow I will pick up a couple more sacks of compost – for the last boxes, and for the new houseplant arrivals.

This is the state I left it in:

Edit – the morning after:

The balcony was covered in plastic grass when I moved in.

It’s now covered in plastic grass and wet compost.

πŸ™‚ joy

Does anyone have any good ideas for getting the compost out, besides washing it? My balcony is right over the front door – it has to be a resident friendly idea

(And yes, this is probably why people buy those huge potting mats…)

4 thoughts on “On making a mess in the dark

    1. Nothing fancy. I don’t even know what most of them are called. Supermarkets and some garden centres here sell plants labelled “autumn plant”, which is really helpful.. I chose them based on the colours and shapes of their leaves. They were cheap enough to try out and not mind much if they don’t work out. I put loads of bulbs in between them too.

      I’ll take some pictures tomorrow morning when it’s light enough to see what they are πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t have a vacuum…but I will try sweeping it when/if it dries.. if all else fails I guess I’ll have to warn the people in my house and wash it when they aren’t around..

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