On moving in and out of the dark ages

In Germany it’s common to take all your fittings and fixtures with you when you move house. From the kitchen cupboards to the oven, from the showerhead to the toilet roll holder, from the curtain rails to the lightbulbs. They leave nothing but the barest of bare bones. In some extreme cases they even take the flooring with them.

I moved into my flat in July. Luckily the landlord rents the kitchen as part of the flat so I didn’t have to organise one. Lots of the other things were left in because the last tenant left in a hurry. She made time to remove all the lights tho.

It’s now mid November.

That’s a good 4 months of living in the dark*.

Then my brother came to visit.

Apparently people don’t live in the dark these days. Who knew?

Within an hour or so of his arrival we were on an emergency late night expedition to IKEA.

Today, after a compulsory day of rest, we finally put them up :).

I am no longer living in the dark ages




* I have several table lamps, and the oven hood has a light, so it hasn’t actually been dark 🙂

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