On sleeping in 7 beds in 7 days

Lying here in bed, I realised that I’m in the same bed as I was in yesterday. That hasn’t happened for a while. A whole week in fact.

I left my house on Friday morning last week and slept in a different bed each night until I got back home on Thursday evening. I love that my friends and my family have room for me. I love that I have the means to travel. I love that it’s all possible.

And yet..

..I am glad to stop spinning for a bit.. even if it’s just a couple of days before I set off again.

7 thoughts on “On sleeping in 7 beds in 7 days

    1. I don’t really mind being elsewhere, I just need to stop occasionally and recentre (and get my breath back)..

      It’s like when you spin round and carry on spinning despite the dizziness.. at some point you crash into something and/or fall over.. I try to stop before that happens, but sometimes it feels like I’m not the one who’s actively moving, it’s all the other things/people and I’m being spun as a side effect.. in those cases it’s nice to crawl back to my own middle and let them all spin by themselves.. I doubt any of that makes sense – please excuse my rambling πŸ™‚

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