On having a day off

Sometimes I realise just how much I need to charge my batteries. Today was such a day. Today, I slept late, slept through the afternoon and am going to bed fairly early. I feel this is a good way to spend a day. Not every day, but once in a while. I hope tomorrow will […]

On timing

Life could be so frigging easy! And yet it isn’t. Yesterday I received notification that I passed the project part of my last exam, and am invited to defend it on the 29th. That means sorting out a presentation. It’s almost 2 weeks away. No problem. Except. I’m away for a long weekend at a […]

On the news

“The news” (as a whole) keeps telling me that scary things are happening in the world at the moment. I’m not too keen on scary things so I plucked up lots of courage as I walked past the newspaper salesman and risked a passing glance at the headlines on my way to the station. According […]

On personal nostalgia

I spent a fair bit of the last few days reading my blog from the beginning.. I had forgotten just how much life I could (and apparently did) fit into my days, and still make time to write about it. I miss the old me.

On playing Chinese whispers

Some families play scrabble. Some families are less interested in written words and so choose to play Chinese whispers instead. *** DB came home from work really upset the other day. Apparently his father had told him that his (DB’s) mother had said his uncle (C) was in hospital and that his aunt (H) didn’t […]

On hurt feelings – part 2

I recently posted this: “There’s a fine line between holding your tongue so as not to hurt other peoples’ feelings, and letting people hurt yours.. I’m too sleepy to be articulate right now, but I’m pretty sure I need to work on finding that line and learning to walk along it.” I thought I’d written, […]

On letting the side down

Dear amazing women of the world, I apologise. I apologise for letting the side down. Again. I apologise for not being able to compare to your incredible standards of awesomeness. Again. I apologise for my lack of ability (and interest) to keep house the way houses are supposed to be kept. For my chaos. For […]