On having so much to write and so little time

I think I’m going to have a writing weekend. I need to get lots of scraps of memories and thoughts and experiences and feelings out of my head and that generally works best when I write.

I don’t have much time to write tho, or at least haven’t been making proper use of the time I could have to write. That’s a problem. The less I write, the more jumpy my mind gets. The jumpier my head, the longer it takes me to do anything and the less time I have left over to do things like writing…

Every so often I open the app in spite of everything and start typing. A few minutes later I close it again, meaning to get back to it later, but not getting enough time to turn it into something “good” or “finished”. My draft folder is filling up while I’m seemingly MIA.

Expect many unpolished posts in the next few days while I go through and press publish.

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