On mysterious markets and frustrating pastries

There was an “antique” market held here today.

When I think of antiques I usually think of expensive furniture. In this case the antiques were a mixture of things without any obvious age limit or theme. It was more like a sale of anything old enough and/or bizarre enough not to be wanted by the original owner.

After wandering through the market and back we needed sustenance.

Luckily, Murcia is full of bakeries.

Unfortunately, not all pastries are as tasty as they look. These are filled with overly sweetened strings of an unidentifiable fruit.

Later this evening, I tried yet another good looking pastry and it was disappointingly dry and unremarkable.

In the last few days, on the walk to the sanctuary and on trips around the city, we tried various different sweet and savoury pasties. All of them had the potential to be delicious. Most of them failed. I probably use more herbs and spices and less sugar in my cooking than K does, but we both agreed that the savoury pasties are mostly bland and the sweet pastries often too sweet or too sticky or too dry or too oily.

Considering how attractive they are, it’s very frustrating not being satisfied with the taste/texture.

5 thoughts on “On mysterious markets and frustrating pastries

  1. I’m sure there are magical pastries to be found tucked away when you have found yourself encountering a bad/mediocre batch. People tend to vote with their feet, so if there is no activity and they look like they have been hanging around for a long time then those are probably the ones to avoid!

    Referring back to my previous comment on your Sanctuary post, after hunting down historic buildings and walks, bakeries would definitely be a priority on my list for places to visit in any new town. Glad to hear you found some better pastry goodies in the next town, that makes me happy 🙂

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