On living round a Dahlien* invasion

Once upon a time, when my kitchen was still a kitchen and I still had a kitchen floor, I went half-price seed shopping with my mother.

Mid February I had an unexpected free evening and an unopened bag of compost. I sowed liberally.

Despite being clearance stock, every seed germinated..

And since I’m not as heartless as I need to be I potted them all on..

..and rearranged the balcony to make space for them..

And then Winter came back to laugh at me, so I brought them all in again.

I feel like I’m beginning to understand the Duke of York better these days.. ;p

Can whoever controls the temperature please make sure we don’t get any more frost? It would be nice to be able to use the entirety of my floor…

Also, if anyone wants a dahlia or seven (or a tray of Livingstone Daisies) I’ve got a couple spare 🙂

*The Germans call dahlias Dahlien 😉

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