On the magic in the middle

It doesn’t appear to make any sense. None of it. And yet, afterwards, you can look back and see all the paths and patterns and logical consequences. And it’s kind of beautiful. And strange. And magical. *** *** I’m not there yet, not at the patterns and consequences stage, but I am at a place […]

On getting posh chocolates

Look what I found when I got to work this morning! A very posh looking bag, containing.. .. even posher looking chocolates! It’s the thanks for the prizes I made and donated to a competition in the summer. There’s all kinds if things in there I’d never buy for myself – I’m looking forward to […]

New molecule: Nicotine

Nicotine. For all the early morning smokers out there who can’t drink coffee without a cigarette, and for anyone who’s trying to give them up and needs something else for their hands to do :). The next molecules will be displayed on my new site . It’s all in German, because that’s where I’m based at the moment. If […]