On 1337 likes and 13-to-30 request


I’m not sure why 1337 is considered a cool number, but WordPress has just congratulated me, so I’m guessing it must be.

I am a bit of a lot bewildered that so many of you luffly people read what I write, and a lot of a lot more amazed that you like it enough to say so (with all your comments as well as “like-stars”).

Thank you.


If I ever finish this stupid essay (and corresponding presentation) I will post something post-y to celebrate you all, in the meantime, it’s almost 13 weeks til my birthday. Approximately 20 weeks ago, I realised it was 30+ weeks to go, but I wanted to wait until it was exactly 30-weeks-to-go, and missed it, and now I’ve pretty much missed 13-weeks-to-go, but that’s probably the way I roll bestest and I suppose I’d miss me if I was less like me…My excuse is that I’m still reeling from the realisation that I really and truely turn 30 this year.

Considering it doesn’t really feel that long ago that I went to an older friend’s 16th birthday party and thought 16 was Very Old, I don’t know how that happened.


I turn 30 this year.


So. I’m looking for 13 (smallish) things to do which will push my boundaries and help me make the most of the last few weeks of being 29 and/or make me a better adult when I get to 30 (since I still don’t feel like one).

Send your ideas this way (baring in mind I work full time and go to school 5 or 6 times a fortnight)

I will consider all suggestions, but I most definitely reserve every right to veto your ideas 🙂


As of 10 days ago, apparently, and I missed it.

Hello new people, welcome to my world.

Have a biscuit or 3 and let me know what you’re thinking.

(There are currently just over 1000 other thoughts on here – missed which one was the 1000th too)


@Dearlilyjune: Looks like I’m going to have to invest in a couple of benches to go with that lemonade stand…


Whoo!! 🙂

(Now I have a number to throw at people who think no one wants to read what I write :))

(Also approximately corresponded with 3000 views (just before), and 150 Stalkers (just afterwards))


– WHOOO!! Thanks guys 🙂

Have to say I’m not half glad you only follow me online though, couldn’t cope with 50 people walking behind me all the time! 😉