On 1337 likes and 13-to-30 request

I’m not sure why 1337 is considered a cool number, but WordPress has just congratulated me, so I’m guessing it must be. I am a bit of a lot bewildered that so many of you luffly people read what I write, and a lot of a lot more amazed that you like it enough to […]


As of 10 days ago, apparently, and I missed it. Hello new people, welcome to my world. Have a biscuit or 3 and let me know what you’re thinking. (There are currently just over 1000 other thoughts on here – missed which one was the 1000th too) *** @Dearlilyjune: Looks like I’m going to have […]


Whoo!! 🙂 (Now I have a number to throw at people who think no one wants to read what I write :)) (Also approximately corresponded with 3000 views (just before), and 150 Stalkers (just afterwards))


– WHOOO!! Thanks guys 🙂 Have to say I’m not half glad you only follow me online though, couldn’t cope with 50 people walking behind me all the time! 😉