On love and phone theft

I phoned a friend yesterday. Half an hour or so into the conversation her partner came into the room.. Friend’s Partner: is that Jess? Friend: yes.. Friend’s Partner: I want to talk to her, give me the phone *takes phone* Friend: (in background) ..but.. Friend’s Partner: shh! Go away, I’m on the phone! Friend: ..but.. […]

On beneficial baths

Mostly written last night. This morning it was warm and sunny and I cycled to work in a T-shirt and skirt. Yesterday and most of last week that was no problem. Today however… When I looked out of the window at 5 this evening it was raining. The weather forecast I should ideally have looked […]

On love and [lack of] money

DB put his* latest bank statement down, looked at me with his big puppy-dog eyes, sighed and said: I still love you, you know, even if I am broke .. Well that’s a relief.. 🙂 [Edit: *as opposed to ‘our’ or ‘my’. This is brokeness I’m not responsible for…]