On rainbows and double ended candle burning

I’m trying to finish my ‘book’* before Saturday evening. Or at the very very latest by Sunday morning. That would mean I can send it off to be printed before I go on holiday. ‘Holiday’ is used in the loosest form here – it’s more a chance to revise ALL the things than a chance […]

On decorating

My new room’s* usable!! 🙂 After weeks of shopping, drawing, discussing, clearing out, cutting, painting, and washing every flat surface numerous times, my new “creative corner” is usable 🙂 Notice how I didn’t say finished… There’s still a whole lot to be done. Things like putting pictures up, buying a rug, putting up (read: sweet […]

On priorities

I have a problem with priorities. Take today for example. I came home cold, tired and hungry. Also my hair was skanky and my house was a mess. The Mental To-Do List said: Sleep hot bath (+wash hair) cook+eat tidy up. However. The main problem with this list was the order. If I went directly […]


On CVs and other paperwork.

(I have finally made myself do my Ski-Training, so I can write again ;)) My life seems to be full of paperwork at the moment. I’d like to say I’m getting better at dealing with it, but I think that would be lying. It seems to create more problems and hassle per square inch than […]