On being late but also a week early

Me: (out of breath) “Good morning, name’s Jesska, I’m so sorry I’m late! (Draws breath) I got lost on the way…. Should I make a new appointment? (Breathes)” Secretary: (blank look) “tell me who you are again” Me: “Jesska” Secretary: (Alternately clicking away at the computer and flicking through the appointment book) “…but you don’t […]

On supermarkets and inefficiency

ARGH!! Not that I’m at all p****d off. At myself as much as at them. I went shopping this morning (why I’m home on a workday is another story). I wanted to buy milk, among other things. One of the 50.000 milk sorts was on offer. One that’s produced by happy, non-genetically-modified-feed-fed, local cows. It’s […]