On being late but also a week early

Me: (out of breath) “Good morning, name’s Jesska, I’m so sorry I’m late! (Draws breath) I got lost on the way…. Should I make a new appointment? (Breathes)”

Secretary: (blank look) “tell me who you are again”

Me: “Jesska”

Secretary: (Alternately clicking away at the computer and flicking through the appointment book) “…but you don’t have an appointment today! You’re not due until next week…”

Me: “Oh. Well. Then I suppose I’ll see you next week then. I’ll even try not to get lost!”

Secretary: “Nah, seeing as you’re here, you might as well stay. It was just a checkup, we’ll fit you in. Not a problem.”

On supermarkets and inefficiency


Not that I’m at all p****d off.

At myself as much as at them.

I went shopping this morning (why I’m home on a workday is another story).

I wanted to buy milk, among other things.

One of the 50.000 milk sorts was on offer.

One that’s produced by happy, non-genetically-modified-feed-fed, local cows.

It’s usually more expensive than I can justify paying for milk.

As I said, today it was on offer. So I bought 3L. I’m cooking for a party on Saturday so 3L isn’t really that much. If I hadn’t been aware that I’d have to carry it, I might have bought more.

I’d just been to the dentist and my entire mouth tasted gross. There should be laws against what dentists are allowed to put in people’s mouths. But I digress. The point is, I couldn’t wait to get home and clean my teeth.

I packed the milk (and other stuff) in my super-eco-friendly cloth bags* and didn’t check the receipt.

Sitting here, trying to convince myself that balancing the books is a good way to spend a sunny Friday morning, I just noticed the lack of on-offerness in the price of my milk.


Why is it not possible to transfer the price on the shelf to the till?

Do we not live in the most technologically advanced age ever? Is Germany not one of the leading machine-producing countries?

Even if it wasn’t, it can’t be that difficult to get a minion to run to the cashiers and tell them when milk is on offer.

I don’t understand why these things don’t just work without having to think about them.


On the positive side, I guess the cows are happy.


* YES! I remembered to take them with me for a change 🙂