On trying, and failing, to count to 20

“I think that’s 12” he said, from the top step of a wobbly stepladder. “Although they won’t stay still long enough for me to count them properly. I haven’t counted the rest, but there’s no way there’s another 20 in there”. “That’s ok, we’ll take them all, even if there aren’t going to be as […]

On preparing an aquarium – part 1

We started with the glass. The DB’s father had 2 aquariums, neither of which was in use. The short version would be: we chose one, washed it out and took it home. The real life version was more complicated but that’s not relevant here.. 🙂 Anyway. We had an aquarium we wanted to use. DB […]

On baby fish – part 2

(Late March 2014, additions September 2015) As the fish grew bigger and bigger, their parents grew more and more tired of being their only source of food/nutritional secrete*. We read about baby fish online, we asked the staff at fish shops, we phoned a professional fish breeder. We came to the conclusion that it was […]

On baby fish – part 1

And another one from the draft folder… (late March 2014) *** The DB was given an aquarium a few years ago*. He bought 5 different sorts of fish, some lumpy bits of wood and some fish food and has looked after the fish ever since. Then he met me. He showed me the aquarium and […]