On “re: vision”

I have an exam on Saturday. Actually. That’s not true. I have 2 exams* on Saturday. The date’s been set for several months, but somehow I managed to ignore how fast time slips away when you’re not looking properly. A month ago I made a list of topics we’d covered, and topics we still needed […]

On getting the all-clear :)

First find your optician… They are liable to be situated in a second floor office, above a restaurant. There might be a sign in the window, but it won’t be visible from the pavement, unless you walk along the other side of the road. The staircase will have no mention of the optician’s existence, but […]

On traffic light men

No. I don’t mean the male equivalent of lollypop ladies. I mean the pictures/symbols of people in/on the lights at pedestrian crossings. If you look at the red man long enough, you can still see him floating over the landscape long after you’ve crossed the road. Today he was dark blue when my eyes were […]