On cloud cover v duvet covers*

“Good morning! The sun will rise in approximately 3/4 hour, but you won’t be able to see it until tomorrow. Today is going to be cloudy, grey and wet all day. And now for the news…” Don’t you just love early morning radio? Makes you feel like jumping out of bed and rushing out to […]

On beach parties

Originally, we wanted to spend the day on the beach. We packed a picnic and a bottle of water, swimwear and a couple of towels, and off we went. We got there just after high tide, and the dryest sand was damp. Damp sand never stopped us before so we sat down and ‘set up […]

On April mornings and riding into the blue

The view of the sky through the train station windows was of a grey, storm-laden morning. Looking out of the open end of the station was a completely different matter – blue sky and fluffy white clouds… Luckily, the train was going to take me out of the station and into the blue* 🙂 Makes […]