On the difference between days

Yesterday I mended the tip-ex mouse, helped the secretary with some tricky stuff on her computer and maybe taught a year 8 kid some maths (“maybe” because I’m not sure how much stuck.). I feel those are 3 good uses of a day.

Today I have nothing of note to mention. I assume I must have done something because I’ve been awake for many hours. When I try to remember my achievements, all I can think of are the things I still haven’t done yet. Things that need doing, things I could have done earlier, things I should probably be doing right now instead of writing this.

Funny how different days can be. Or at least one’s attitude towards them.

On creating a ‘real’ website

Not one for notthrowingstones.
Not yet anyway.
This is a new website for the company I work for.

I know it’s the weekend.
That’s not really important.

What is important is that I have managed to download the WordPress editor onto the hosting company /programme and start making pages and playing with layouts.

I have a feeling there’s a very long learning curve ahead of me….