On the difference between days

Yesterday I mended the tip-ex mouse, helped the secretary with some tricky stuff on her computer and maybe taught a year 8 kid some maths (“maybe” because I’m not sure how much stuck.). I feel those are 3 good uses of a day. Today I have nothing of note to mention. I assume I must […]

On [not] helping

I spent a lot of yesterday getting on and off trains. I love the freedom of county tickets and days off – the freedom to do exactly what I want, where I want to do it. 🙂 Each time I realised the current plan wasn’t going to work, I changed it, checking the timetables in […]

On yelling

Early evening. Dark, except for a few streetlights. A couple with a dog. Walking. Behind them, at the far end of a side street 2 figures can just about be made out in the shadows. Yelling. Shouting. Mean words, angry voices. Screams. “Help!” Shrieks. “Help! Let go of me! Help! He’s going to kill me! […]

On hoping for the best

I hope the paramedics got there in time. He was crouching on the ground holding his hands over his heart and his eyes were wet with tears. I was on the way to the platform, on the way to work. I pointed him towards the doctor’s door (10m further) and then remembered she doesn’t get […]

On improvisations on a swede

I found a swede in my local supermarket last week. That is a big deal here in Berlin where people generally don’t eat them. Anyway, I didn’t eat it last week because I wasn’t home in time to peel, chop, boil and mash it before my DB died of starvation. Yesterday was my chance. I […]

On holding ones tongue

Holding your tongue until you have something good to say is generally a good idea. Being so full of negativity that you practically explode from not talking, isn’t. Especially if your negativity is toxic enough to radiate into your surroundings. I don’t have a lot of answers or suggestions for you, I just know that […]

On doing things for other people

I’m not actually sure that this applies to anyone else, but it’s something that really bothers me. If you’re going to do something for me, do it because you want to and not in order to tell me about having done it (because,  chances are, I would have done it if you hadn’t got there […]

On what I learnt at circus school today

Keeping a group of seven 7-12 year old boys together for 2 hours while changing rooms 12 times (circuit training) is a challenge. Keeping your cool even more so 😉 They are amazingly willing to please, as long as you tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do and why… Ok, so they still […]