Day 8 – pictures – dedicated to Miss Happenence


0 thoughts on “Day 8 – pictures – dedicated to Miss Happenence

  1. Ha. Love all the pictures. You really do have a shiny sink! I wish you could rub some of this eagerness to clean onto your brother. I stole a photo album from his bookshelf and spent the next while sneezing violently because of the thick layers of dust I’d disturbed. He has too many pictures of cars racing and not enough of him dressed as father christmas! I borrowed your bed. It is a very scary thing, especially the ladder! 😀

  2. Naja, you have to be fair to him – the house is being rebuilt around him… You can excuse a LOT* of dust when both ceiling and floor were taken out and replaced in the last 6 months.. I’m sure you could find some dust here as well if you tried (and you wouldn’t have to try very hard) and my excuses are incredibly thin in comparison ;P

    You’re very welcome to share my bed (hmm, that sounds slightly disturbing ;)) but if you don’t like the ladder, why not use the sister’s? It doesn’t hurt your feet so much, even if the mattress is rubbish 😉

    *I would have loved to write ‘bit’ with strikethrough before ‘lot’ but there doesn’t seem to be a way of doing that here 🙁

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