On being wet, cold and bad tempered

It rained on the way to the train station.

Really hard.

Hailed too.

I understand that it has to rain sometimes. I know the ground is rock hard. I know the farmers have been practically begging for rain for weeks. That’s all good and logical. I’m all for happy farmers.


Why can’t it rain when I don’t have to be outside?! I need about 10 minutes to get to the station. That leaves a lot of day to rain through.

But no. It had to rain while I was out. And now I’m on the train with wet jeans and wet feet and a wet coat*.

And a bad mood, but that was caused by the glass I was working on before I left work.

And it’s cold. It promised to be spring. We had almost 20 degrees last week. Today it’s probably not even 8, and that feels cold. Besides, I’m a glassblower and glassblowers need for it not to be cold. But no one asked for my opinion.

You know what?

It takes a whole lot longer to dry than to get wet…

* I think it must be broken, it used to be waterproof 🙁

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