On coughing too much to smoke

I don’t smoke (and never have) but DB does. Or at least used to. He hasn’t smoked AT ALL since Friday. DB is so ill atm that he can hardly breathe, never mind talk; smoking is unthinkable. Much as I want him to get well as soon as possible, it would be soooo good if […]

On being wet, cold and bad tempered

It rained on the way to the train station. Really hard. Hailed too. I understand that it has to rain sometimes. I know the ground is rock hard. I know the farmers have been practically begging for rain for weeks. That’s all good and logical. I’m all for happy farmers. However. Why can’t it rain […]

On swimming in the sun

Once or twice a week I go swimming with a friend. We’ve just started going to the pool near her house instead of the one near mine. Today, for the first time, I discovered it has an outdoor pool attached. It was sunny, and scarily warm, so I went out for the first outdoor swim […]