On enforced relaxment

When I lived in a shared house, years ago, we only had a shower. The bath had been disconnected and was full of plants. I used to long for the chance to have a bath.

Now I live in a house with a bath, I wish we had a shower.

Between those houses I lived by myself in a flat with both a bath AND a shower. Obviously I love living with DB, but I do miss having the choice of bathing or showering..

I still love baths. Really. Especially this one because it blows bubbles 😉 I just can’t bring myself to run all that water for 10 minutes’ washing, so I lie back and relax, and before I know it, an hour’s gone past and I still haven’t washed my hair!

One day, when we’re rich and famous, we’ll turn the upstairs loo into a shower. Until then, I will continue to lie back and enjoy the hot water.  🙂

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