On naked v. knackered

For various reasons I am down to one pair of trousers which fits.

I took said pair of trousers off and left them on the bathroom floor while I had a shower. It was already late and I was already sleepy, but sometimes needs must. 

I got out of the shower, looking forward to going to bed and being horizontal. I leaned across the washing rack to open the window to let the steam out…and stepped backwards into a puddle.

That’s odd I thought.. but whatever. I don’t have a shower curtain and sometimes the water runs down my arms and off my elbows onto the floor while I’m washing my hair.

Then I wrapped myself in a towel and picked my clothes up… and dropped them again. They were sopping wet. And smelly.

It seems a stinky puddle of drain water had come back up through the hole in the floor and soaked everything. Eww.


The trousers went into the washing machine and I sat and waited for the peep peep peep to tell me I could hang them up and finally go to bed…


Radiator’s on, hopefully they’ll be dry by tomorrow. If not, I’ll have to find something else to wear… and I’m not sure I have anything that can cope with winter temperatures…


On enforced relaxment

When I lived in a shared house, years ago, we only had a shower. The bath had been disconnected and was full of plants. I used to long for the chance to have a bath.

Now I live in a house with a bath, I wish we had a shower.

Between those houses I lived by myself in a flat with both a bath AND a shower. Obviously I love living with DB, but I do miss having the choice of bathing or showering..

I still love baths. Really. Especially this one because it blows bubbles 😉 I just can’t bring myself to run all that water for 10 minutes’ washing, so I lie back and relax, and before I know it, an hour’s gone past and I still haven’t washed my hair!

One day, when we’re rich and famous, we’ll turn the upstairs loo into a shower. Until then, I will continue to lie back and enjoy the hot water.  🙂