On balancing the books

I’ve just spent a very pleasant hour or so balancing our finances in a programme called YNAB. If you don’t know what it is, Google it. I’m not sure how useful it is yet, but it’s pretty coloured and congratulates me when I get the numbers to match up.

Shame I can’t get the rest of my life to balance out.

I probably won’t be commenting or reading anyone else’s blogs for a while, DB is jealous of/pissed off about the time I spend playing/writing on my phone*. I will try to complete NaBloPoMo though.

Much love peeps – please don’t feel abandoned in my absence.. 😉

*which I have to admit has increased since the beginning of November…

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        1. Hey! I don’t see a problem (at all, really) with just leaving a smile. I do that too :). There are far, far worse things you could do!

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