On walking not driving

DB isn’t a natural walker. He says his legs are too short. He’d rather drive. I used to walk or cycle all over the place when I lived by myself, but since moving here I have allowed myself to become lazy.

Naja, as a by-product of my many problems and consequent doctors’ visits, we have taken up walking round the ‘village’* every other evening. Recently we’ve been increasing the distance. I’m finally learning my way round, and it’s nice to be more mobile, especially when the weather’s so good.

This afternoon we did something very strange.

We walked to the supermarket.

It’s a good half hour’s walk from our house, and we’ve never walked there before. I have by myself, but never together. Still, there’s a first time for [almost] everything….

After buying more than was on our list, and more than fit in our bag, we set off towards his parents’ house; DB with a bulging rucksack and me hugging a box of goodies and swinging a litre tub of rice pudding. It’s not exactly en route, but we needed to talk to them anyway and there was a good chance of getting a coffee.

The old men on the corner “fell off their religion” as they say here. They couldn’t believe DB was walking of his own free will. They asked if the car had broken down, or if we couldn’t find anywhere to park.

“Times change” said DB and shrugged.

200 metres later, the next incredulous onlooker asked what was going on.

It seems DB is well known, but not as a walker.

We drank our respective teas and coffees, and ate our biscuits, and looked at the fish.

When we got up to leave, DB’s mother asked if we wanted a lift back.

Anyone would think we lived more than 10 minutes away…..

*our part of Berlin…

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  1. A change is as good as a holiday (they say). Sometimes walking is good as it gives you time to just appreciate what you may not notice in a vehicle, at least I have found that so.

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