On listening to multiple voices

DB’s parents both tend to talk (to me, and anyone else who’ll listen) at the same time. As a result, I often don’t understand either of them (or at least can’t follow either topic properly). Three simultaneous conversations between the four of us are no rarity. I suppose I should offer a fourth, but I can’t think straight enough to form sentences while they’re all yakking away.

I quite regularly complain about it/them to DB who always tells me it’s not that hard and I’ll get used to it soon.


Today, we came home from the specialist via his cousin and aunt.

They both talk at the same time too (must be in the genes), but with the added bonus of a heavy dialect on top.

Back in the car, DB ranted about how it was impossible to understand a word they were saying when they spoke over each other.

I still can’t, so I couldn’t tell him it was easy, or that he just needed more practice and he’d be fine – but I did remind him that his folks aren’t a whole lot better!

Apparently that’s different……..

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  1. LOL! This gave me a great big chuckle this morning. One of our daughters talks REAL fast. I can understand her but her father can’t. Giving him the condensed version of a conversation with our daughter can be hilarious at times. So….as troublesome as it is, be happy that your DB’s parents do talk to you. The cone of silence, although possibly appreciated at times, would be harder to take than the jumbled noise. Maybe? Kind of sort of?

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