On personal nostalgia

I spent a fair bit of the last few days reading my blog from the beginning..

I had forgotten just how much life I could (and apparently did) fit into my days, and still make time to write about it.

I miss the old me.

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  1. The “new” me sounds pretty good from here! I know what you mean though because when I was compiling a personal history with words and photos I looked at the “young” me and thought, “I don’t know you”. I guess life is about changing and becoming, and the knack is to like who we do become, or make some changes till we do. Situations and circumstances can override who we may wish to be at times, so we look back and see how happy/good/interesting/stimulating/exciting/adventurous/fun-filled/ our life was in times past and we may yearn fro that to be now. But of course you know, as well as I, that it can’t. In another 20 years you’ll look back and maybe do a yearning for the life you are living now. I find it good therapy to read an old journal of thirty or forty years ago and am sometimes amazed at what I did, and how, way back then. I recommend journal keeping as being better than blogging for a reality visit to the past. I do an entry every day in mine, often they are mundane things I write, but then I will find a gem among them, and I also find things that I had totally forgotten about!

    1. Should we send out a search party?


      Welcome to my world – you seem to have looked around quite a lot already, which is good, because I’m a lousy hostess when it comes down to showing people round. Please carry on 🙂 Drinks aren’t served, but you’re welcome to bring your own or make yourself tea. The tea things are in the usual places. Help yourself to a biscuit or two.

    1. A frog? Frogs are pretty cool :).
      I know what you mean tho (I think), I just don’t seem very capable of doing anything much with that knowledge.. 🙁

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