On sheep dogs

Do sheep dogs care about the sheep who stay where they’re told? Do they even notice them? *** Today my thoughts kept circling back to sheepdogs. I don’t think I’ve spent more than a handful of hours in my whole life watching sheepdogs working, but every time I get the chance, I am impressed. Where […]

On personal nostalgia

I spent a fair bit of the last few days reading my blog from the beginning.. I had forgotten just how much life I could (and apparently did) fit into my days, and still make time to write about it. I miss the old me.

On thinking instead of sleeping

It’s half past midnight* and I am lying in a crisp white hotel bed. I’m probably supposed to be asleep, although I know that lots of my peers are at the bar, drinking mostly, and talking. The rest, including DB, went to bed a while ago and are presumably sleeping soundly. DB is snuffling more […]