On things I really need to stop getting angry about

  • Holes punched on the wrong side of the page and therefore filed upside down (standing on my head is bound to be good for my circulation and flexibility)
  • Papers filed in chronological order, except when they aren’t (looking for the 9th between the 6th and 7th will be second nature soon, and everyone needs more games of hide-and-seek in their lives).
  • Brand new rolls of bubble wrap, unpacked and stood upright to collect dirt on and in both ends (cleaning your packing materials before wrapping things is therapeutic – almost meditative).
  • Files saved under false names and dates (see hide-and-seek above).
  • Papers joined together with paperclips although they should be separate, or not joined when they should be (it’s like a huge free-for-all game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, with multiple donkeys).
  • Finding spelling mistakes in posters, AFTER they’ve been sent off to be hung up (we could offer a prize to anyone who finds them all)


Can you tell I’m working in the office today??

0 thoughts on “On things I really need to stop getting angry about

  1. WHO does all those annoying things? Its amazing how small things get us frustrated and irked, but then when a huge thing comes along we deal with it with equanimity.

    1. The other people in the office.
      I [luckily] don’t spend much time in there. When I do, I am amazed at how many things I take for granted as easy and/or logical (like punching holes exactly in the middle of the left hand side of the paper, so a stack of papers can be straightened and filed together, instead of randomly on any side so each paper has to be dealt with separately) and but don’t seem to be for other people. I expect I annoy people with the things I struggle with too though, so it probably balances out.
      And yes, huge things are sometimes ‘easier’ – I think they take so much strength there’s none left over to waste on being stressed!

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