On putting my money where my mouth is

Time is apparently money.

After paying for school, and exams, and normal urgent-life-requirements like food, electricity and water bills, and prebooking holidays, and biscuits, I tend to have more month than money left over. As a result, non-urgent things tend to be pushed into the list of things-to-buy-one-day. Things like new sandals, or matresses, especially when the old ones are still more-or-less functional.

On Tuesday evening, however, I was finally forced to spend money on something I’ve been ignoring for a while…

…new toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush (and DB’s). I bought a huge multipack a few years ago, and we’ve only recently run out. Last night we established the fact that the box of spares was well and truly empty, and I agreed to get online and order new ones.

It appears there was a very good offer on, last time I bought them, or I was so wealthy back then it didn’t register properly (which I doubt).

Why are those things so crazily expensive?!

I agree that teeth are important, and realise that dentistry is a whole lot more expensive, but heck, no one can buy the things at full price, surely! In the end* I found a dealer with a fairly good offer if you buy in bulk (“in bulk” being 16 in this case). That should last us a couple of years – and give me time to save up for the next lot! 😉

* It took me the best of an hour. Which would increase the price of the toothbrush heads considerably if I had to pay myself…. maybe I need to rethink my ideas of saving money…

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  1. As someone with dentures, I think you are wise to be looking after your natural teeth!
    Things don’t taste quite the same when taste buds are covered with a plastic plate.
    That said, I am grateful that I can have dentures!

    1. Dentures are a great invention. I just looked up when we (humans) first started making them….

      …7th century BC!!!
      I knew they’d been around for a while, but that’s incredible 🙂

      I’ve often thought about the hassle of taking them out and cleaning them, or heard of people’s mouth shapes changing so that they no longer fit, but I’d never thought about blocking the taste buds – that must be remarkably annoying

  2. As her daughter I’m grateful she can have dentures also- she’d look pretty ragged without them! I’m with you on the price of toothbrush heads – never thought of looking on line and buying in real bulk – will give it a whirl!

    1. 🙂 I found all sorts of ‘fakes’ or at least non-originals while I was looking. I usually don’t care much, but I read the reviews and they almost all said they scratched their gums. (And they’d almost all received them free in return for a review). I went for the most original looking pictures I could find, despite knowing they are seldom real photos of the actual items. I can’t say anything about mine yet as they haven’t arrived – when they do I’ll let you know.

    2. They arrived a couple of weeks ago (oops) . As far as I can make out, they work just the same as the ‘normal’ ones. They look the same too, so I’m going to assume I got originals 🙂

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