On putting my money where my mouth is

Time is apparently money.

After paying for school, and exams, and normal urgent-life-requirements like food, electricity and water bills, and prebooking holidays, and biscuits, I tend to have more month than money left over. As a result, non-urgent things tend to be pushed into the list of things-to-buy-one-day. Things like new sandals, or matresses, especially when the old ones are still more-or-less functional.

On Tuesday evening, however, I was finally forced to spend money on something I’ve been ignoring for a while…

…new toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush (and DB’s). I bought a huge multipack a few years ago, and we’ve only recently run out. Last night we established the fact that the box of spares was well and truly empty, and I agreed to get online and order new ones.

It appears there was a very good offer on, last time I bought them, or I was so wealthy back then it didn’t register properly (which I doubt).

Why are those things so crazily expensive?!

I agree that teeth are important, and realise that dentistry is a whole lot more expensive, but heck, no one can buy the things at full price, surely! In the end* I found a dealer with a fairly good offer if you buy in bulk (“in bulk” being 16 in this case). That should last us a couple of years – and give me time to save up for the next lot! 😉

* It took me the best of an hour. Which would increase the price of the toothbrush heads considerably if I had to pay myself…. maybe I need to rethink my ideas of saving money…