On banknotes and other liabilities

By “other liabilities” I mostly just mean myself. I just went into a shop to buy a lens cover for DB’s camera. Easy right? Wrong. Despite seeing better every day, it appears that I still can’t see well enough to be let loose in society. The cover was supposed to cost 15€ which felt like […]

On love and [lack of] money

DB put his* latest bank statement down, looked at me with his big puppy-dog eyes, sighed and said: I still love you, you know, even if I am broke .. Well that’s a relief.. 🙂 [Edit: *as opposed to ‘our’ or ‘my’. This is brokeness I’m not responsible for…]

Dear ticketmachine…

Thank you so much dear ticket machine. You must know how much I love getting to stations on time with the right money, typing my destination and how many tickets I need into your slightly greasy screen only to then miss the train I came to catch because you don’t like the taste of my […]