On putting my money where my mouth is

Time is apparently money.

After paying for school, and exams, and normal urgent-life-requirements like food, electricity and water bills, and prebooking holidays, and biscuits, I tend to have more month than money left over. As a result, non-urgent things tend to be pushed into the list of things-to-buy-one-day. Things like new sandals, or matresses, especially when the old ones are still more-or-less functional.

On Tuesday evening, however, I was finally forced to spend money on something I’ve been ignoring for a while…

…new toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush (and DB’s). I bought a huge multipack a few years ago, and we’ve only recently run out. Last night we established the fact that the box of spares was well and truly empty, and I agreed to get online and order new ones.

It appears there was a very good offer on, last time I bought them, or I was so wealthy back then it didn’t register properly (which I doubt).

Why are those things so crazily expensive?!

I agree that teeth are important, and realise that dentistry is a whole lot more expensive, but heck, no one can buy the things at full price, surely! In the end* I found a dealer with a fairly good offer if you buy in bulk (“in bulk” being 16 in this case). That should last us a couple of years – and give me time to save up for the next lot! 😉

* It took me the best of an hour. Which would increase the price of the toothbrush heads considerably if I had to pay myself…. maybe I need to rethink my ideas of saving money…

On banknotes and other liabilities

By “other liabilities” I mostly just mean myself.

I just went into a shop to buy a lens cover for DB’s camera.

Easy right?


Despite seeing better every day, it appears that I still can’t see well enough to be let loose in society.

The cover was supposed to cost 15€ which felt like a lot, but still less than replacing the lens if it gets scratched.

A 10€ note

I took out my purse and handed the man-behind-the-counter the first red note I found in it. In my head, red notes are 10s. He took it and immediately turned towards the till which I thought was a bit impatient but I ignored my thoughts and continued rummaging through my purse for the remaining 5€. A few seconds later I took out the next red note, which I also handed over and which he also took.

So far so good.

NOT a 10€ note

When he handed me 35€ back, I was a little bit confused. Then I realised I must have given him a 50€ note to begin with, not a 10€ as I’d thought. 50s are brown, but apparently a very reddish brown.


Side note:

It appears my ability to judge colour is out of whack too.

Pictures of banknotes found on Opixx.org

Since I usually read everything I look at without having to think about it, it’s not usually a problem. I don’t rely on the colour, I read the numbers too. Not that I ever have 50s on me, at least not regularly.

If I’d thought about it, I could have held the notes up to my nose and been able to read them, just not at arms length.


But I didn’t.



Back to the shop scene.

I looked at the 35€ in my hand. Then at the man, “there’s 10€ missing” (I hoped the second note had been a 10€, not another 50€). He said 50-15 is 35, so it was exactly right. I said I’d given him two notes, he asked why he would take a second note when the first was already more than enough (fair point). I said I had no idea, but that he had definitely taken the second note as I handed it to him. He’d already closed the till so he was no longer holding any notes at all which left it my word against his.

In the end, we settled for him giving me 5€. That way we both risked losing 5€ instead of 10€.

I left the shop wanting to kick things. Including myself. I hate it when I make that sort of unnecessary mistake.

In future, at least until I have glasses, DB will have to be responsible for all purchases.

On love and [lack of] money

DB put his* latest bank statement down, looked at me with his big puppy-dog eyes, sighed and said:

I still love you, you know, even if I am broke


Well that’s a relief..


[Edit: *as opposed to ‘our’ or ‘my’. This is brokeness I’m not responsible for…]

Dear ticketmachine…

Thank you so much dear ticket machine. You must know how much I love getting to stations on time with the right money, typing my destination and how many tickets I need into your slightly greasy screen only to then miss the train I came to catch because you don’t like the taste of my money. It must make your day just that much sweeter!

I appreciate the care you go to, to give me the right change and print the right details on my ticket.. and you put up with all the grubby fingers poking your screen all day, and all the abuse from impatient people…

But is it really asking too much, to want to catch a train on time for once?

I might also be impatient, but at least I’m polite… and I didn’t punch or kick you.. I very patiently fed you my 20€ note 57 times (plus/minus a few) and you rudely spat it back out 57 times.That’s hardly helpful, is it? Hardly Customer Service. When I finally gave up and asked the other machine it obliged first time.. Can I suggest you ask it to teach you some manners?

I really hope that we will one day be successful ‘business partners’. Until then I will go directly to the other machine and you won’t get the chance to spit my money back at me.

Your friendly but frustrated Ticketbuyer