On eyesight and hindsight

My brother says hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think eyesight is better. Which doesn’t at all negate the wonderfulness of hindsight..

I am currently in the joyous position of having both.

The hole in my eye has healed itself (with help from the drops and gel), and I have survived the exams. Both of which are Good Things, even if the waiting, both for the check up and the results was and is (respectively) a nuisance.

In future, I will aim (as I routinely promise myself after almost every exam) to start revising earlier, and to actually learn the parts I want to (and unfortunately usually do) flip past, dismissing as, “not exam-worthy”.

I will also orientate myself around the questions we work on in class. I don’t appreciate rote learning, but it seems thats what’s expected here. When in Rome and all that…
Here’s to 4 schoolfree weeks! 🙂

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  1. Glad about your eyes! And I hope the four school free weeks are just grand for you?
    What are you studying at school-as if I need to know!
    How long before you get exam results?

    1. I’m gladder than glad 🙂 Still a little bit worried, twice in 6 months makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong..
      But anyway. I’m planning to enjoy the time off. All those hours of potential me-time! Except I’m going to need most of them to catch up from neglecting my garden (and house) for the last 3 months or so! And I have an essay to write. And a presentation to prepare. And I wanted to get a headstart on reading the textbooks before school starts again (last term was based on 4 (actually 6, but 2 don’t count) books, this coming term is 11). Naja, it’s not all work, a friend’s coming over, and I’m hopefully going to go home for a bit too :).
      I’m doing business studies (as if anyone needs to study how to be busy! ;)) and ecconomics, with emphasis on small-to-middlesized companies. It’s 2 evenings a week and a full day every other Saturday. I’m surprisingly really enjoying it, but it doesn’t half eat a lot of time up! (I’m still working fulltime).
      If I failed badly or passed well, I won’t know until the End of August. If I only-just-failed or scrapes through, they’ll invite me to an oral exam (to find out which side of the pass-line I should have landed on) in a couple of weeks. That’s long enough to make me wish they’d mark them quicker, but also less than a third of the time we had to wait for our A-Level and GCSE results (in normal school) so I can’t really justify complaining…

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