On eyesight and hindsight

My brother says hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think eyesight is better. Which doesn’t at all negate the wonderfulness of hindsight..

I am currently in the joyous position of having both.

The hole in my eye has healed itself (with help from the drops and gel), and I have survived the exams. Both of which are Good Things, even if the waiting, both for the check up and the results was and is (respectively) a nuisance.

In future, I will aim (as I routinely promise myself after almost every exam) to start revising earlier, and to actually learn the parts I want to (and unfortunately usually do) flip past, dismissing as, “not exam-worthy”.

I will also orientate myself around the questions we work on in class. I don’t appreciate rote learning, but it seems thats what’s expected here. When in Rome and all that…
Here’s to 4 schoolfree weeks! 🙂

On forced free time

I am a glassblower.

I work with hot glass.

In order to heat the glass I rely on a steady supply of gas. Methane for anyone interested.

Someone in the building where I work is busy building something. I have no idea what it is they’re building, but it’s loud and dusty and resulted in me getting temporarily lost on my first day back because they’d hidden the door leading to my workshop.


All of that is rather annoying, but I filed it under, “things that happen” and carried on with what needed doing.

Yesterday they cut off our gas supply.

I work in Berlin, not Kiev for goodness sake! Continue reading “On forced free time”