On writing it out

– or “don’t write back in anger”

(Written yesterday; I fell asleep in the middle if the last sentence..)

Yesterday (Monday) I was mad at a situation involving several people and several opinions.

Today (Tuesday), I wrote them all an email. It took me a good part of the morning to get it into something that I could send, but work was out of the question as long as I was still cross. Glass, hard and brittle as it is, is very susceptible to feelings.


I took a copy to my favourite secretary to proof read for me. I needed to know if it was still too aggressive for posting. She asked lots of questions about the situation in general, and pronounced my email adequate for the circumstances.

I left it for a while, and when I came back to it and reread it, it made more sense read backwards, so I changed it round a bit, added a couple of new sentences, took out others and pressed send.

Finally it was gone, and with it, most of my anger.


I am now a whole lot calmer, and no longer feel the need for pointy instruments or punching bags.

I read the mail to DB when I got home. he said he wouldnt have been able to write it as well, and he’s German. 🙂


So far I have received two (or three if you count two from the same person separately) emails from people who support me, my plan, my ideas and my way of getting stroppy while staying mostly neutral.

I think this might be the way forward. (Loud music – sleep – writing)

6 thoughts on “On writing it out

  1. Sounds great! I am proud of you for finding your way to deal with the situation and especially to deal with the anger. I hope you have positive responses to the emails.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I did….but mainly from the people who aren’t in a position to change anything. I phoned the ringleader in the end, which was probably what I should have done earlier – except I would have been a lot ruder if I hadn’t ridden out the anger wave first. He has spoken to some of the others and we’re working something out. Slowly. Maybe. I’m finding there are a lot of unnecessary hurdles to getting anywhere…

    1. Hehe! I might still.. This issue doesn’t look like a one off. Unfortunately.
      Hopefully I’ve blown off enough steam to get through the next couple of rounds without hurting anyone. After that, I will have to rethink my strategy…

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