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“The news” (as a whole) keeps telling me that scary things are happening in the world at the moment. I’m not too keen on scary things so I plucked up lots of courage as I walked past the newspaper salesman and risked a passing glance at the headlines on my way to the station. According to the main local paper, someone has found something poisonous on a bus in Berlin.

It seems “the news” was right. That’s pretty scary. I hope whoever found the poisonous thing is ok and won’t need too much therapy/anti-poison-medication.

2 thoughts on “On the news

    1. Hehe! šŸ™‚ Why’d’ya think I chose that particular piece of news? šŸ™‚ I am so fed up with everything revolving around America and their election. All the other news is almost totally ignored in favour of it. Even the big things like India’s papermoney withdrawal, or England’s abuse case, or I don’t even know what else because they’re ignoring it so well! Which is why I was so relieved to see something (/anything!) even remotely normal, or at least local, on the front page of a newspaper.
      I’m going to assume no one was willing to risk being wrong about the outcome (one of the smaller papers announced that the threat of Brexit was finally over (when it obviously wasn’t) – because they’d been so sure of the pro-europeans winning they hadn’t bothered to wait until they finished counting before going to press… I wish I’d bought a copy now ;))

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